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With their support, they are helping make the weekend more fun and creative

Code Computerlove


Code Computerlove is an award winning digital agency based in Manchester. Offering a fully integrated digital marketing approach.

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We are a digital studio, working in partnership with global and UK based brands and businesses to help evolve their digital products, services and capabilities.

We blend the principles of Human Centered Design with the methodologies of Lean Engineering to create value for our clients and for their customers, based on customer empathy and insight and fast iterative prototyping and release.

Our goal is to make things better, whether we are collaborating with our partners to use technology to solve everyday problems or answering the big marketing questions of the day.

We use design thinking and modern engineering to help big brands behave like start-ups, and start-up’s behave like big brands. Bringing together development, acquisition and optimisation; we co-design brilliant customer experiences, then build them using lean principles- so that you get something that lasts and delivers ROI quickly and sustainably.

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Rise Manchester


Rise is a physical and digital community that provides start-ups and businesses with the connections and resources to create groundbreaking businesses.

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We commit to this future by giving you the space, relationships and tools we all need to become market leaders. Join us for access to events, meeting spaces and our community.

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This year's schedule

To keep things exciting and fun, we are making the days short and snappy.

Friday 6pm – 8pm

Part 1: Food, drink and Hello from CycleHack

First, let’s get you fed and comfortable. You’ll catch a glimpse of the opening film for CycleHack with hellos from across the globe and introductions from the founders.

Part 2: Guest speakers

We are hosting a range of talks about barriers to cycling and how we can best work together over the weekend and further future.

Colin Preston

Colin Preston

Lead creative in an experience design team at Code Computerlove

Practitioner of human-centered design & ‘Design Thinking’ methods, Colin will talking around the theme rapid prototyping and learning

Gabi Schliwa

Gabi Schliwa

PhD researcher at The University of Manchester and CycleHack volunteer

Gabi is managing the Manchester Cycling Lab at The University of Manchester and uses the city as a laboratory. She’ll be talking around the key theme of sharing knowledge.

Dr Paul Wilson

Dr Paul Wilson

Physical Activity Specialist at the University of Salford

Paul works full time at the University of Salford as the Associate Dean for Operations within the School of Health Sciences and will be talking around the topic getting started: cycling in a city.

Part 3: Introduce your barriers and ideas

Based upon the topics covered in the talks, everyone will able to start pinning-up their barriers to cycling and potential ideas. Therefore, opening the space to discussions about what you could do over the next two days.

We also hope everyone will be able join us afterwards for some refreshments and natter.

Saturday 11am – 4pm

Tea, coffee, teams and start making

First things first, find others that are passionate about the same idea and team up quickly so you can crack on with some initial explorations and learn by building simple prototypes.

Quickly test your prototypes

This is the most valuable time to get honest and valuable feedback from real people so get out there and try your ideas in the spaces or environment they’ll be used in.

Also, don’t worry if you haven’t got a bike, our lovely friends from @McrBikeHire will be lending some for you to use!

Sharing what you learnt

It’s good to share so we’ll be asking each team to talk about where they are at with their ideas and the things you’ve already been learning from making and testing. It also gives the wider group an opportunity to ask questions.

Tools down, meet up

Hopefully the weather will be nice enough for us to grab some refreshments in the sun, maybe walk down to a nice outdoors bar together around Deansgate-Castlefield canal area.

Sunday 11am – 4pm

Yoga for Cyclists: talk and small exercise

What better way to start your Sunday than hear an interesting talk about knowing your body and practicing some refreshing exercises. This will be kindly hosted by Marie from Yoga Manchester.

Continue making final tweaks

Time to make your ideas even greater. Whether it involves tightening a screw, sewing a thread, re-coding a snippet or stitching a frame, Sunday will see everyone making the final tweaks to their creative solutions ready to be presented back to the entire Manchester group.

Uploading CycleHacks then Show not Tell

We’ll be asking you to upload your CycleHacks to the global catalogue first, then, it’s time to show off! We’ll invite an audience eager to see and hear what you’ve made and learnt as well as external judges to give awards for specific group achievements.

CycleHack prizes!

Shhhhh! We’re keeping this a bit of a secret until the Sunday afternoon but we’d like to say a big thank you now to Hillcourt Street Cycles, Common Good, Things Manchester and TfGM for donating prizes to be awarded for different CycleHack categories.

Weekend wrap up

We’ll sum up what we’ve done together in one weekend as well as some words from the other cities around the world.

After the weekend

We want the community to help support further development of CycleHacks, check out the global catalogue to see the progress being made. Global Catalogue