Weekend Agenda

Friday Agenda

Friday evening talks

We want to kick the weekend off with a great arrangement of inspirational talks from all kinds of disciplines, which will show you many ways on how you could make your ideas a reality. We are announcing speakers as we go so keep an eye on the Speakers page for more information.

Introducing your barriers and ideas

Following the talks, everyone will able to start pinning-up their barriers to cycling and potential ideas you already have. Therefore, opening the space to discussions about where ideas could lead.

Come along to one of our casual meet and greets prior to the weekend event to share your barriers and ideas early.

Saturday Agenda

Saturday explorations

The first thing to do on Saturday morning will be for everyone to form teams with others sharing the same or similar ideas.

The Saturday will be the key time to explore your ideas, start building simple prototypes, quickly try them out in the space or spaces they’ll be used and by the evening, you’ll know exactly what you will want to show off on the Sunday.

Sunday Agenda

Sunday presentations

Time to make your ideas even greater. Whether it involves tightening a screw, sewing a thread, re-coding a snippet or stitching a frame, Sunday will see everyone making the final tweaks to their creative solutions ready to be presented back to the entire Manchester group.

There may even be prizes for specific group or individual achievements over the weekend, just you wait!


Post weekend

Including your Manchester creations, all the 35-plus cities across the globe will share what they have achieved in 48 hours by adding to the global CycleHack Catalogue. Therefore showcasing the collective power of your CycleHacks to make the world more sustainable through cycling.