We want to give you the opportunity to hear from a range of professionals specialising in cycling, sustainability and designing for social impact therefore inspiring and influencing us all for a weekend of making.

Here are all the amazing people that spoke on the opening night. Their talks are also now available to watch again on Youtube.


Steve Connor
Co-founder and CEO of Creative Concern

Steve specialises in ethical and sustainability issues, integrated campaigns, city strategies, brand development and creating strange installations out of trees, lights and beautiful type. Particular areas of expertise include climate change, place making, transport, food issues and the natural environment.


Lauren Currie
Programme Leader at Hyper Island

Lauren Currie is the Co-Founder of Snook and often wears tartan tights. She is leading a new MA in Digital Experience Design at Hyper Island.


Adam Fahie
Software Developer at ThoughtWorks

Adam will be joining us from Thoughtworks to speak about an internal project the Thoughtworks team has been working on called Cyclops – a cycling app to alert cyclists to areas of danger. A project that close to their hearts, Adam will you give the ins and outs of how the idea came about and how the app was put together.


Pavol Gajdos
Owner of Manchester Bike Hire

Pavol is responsible for day-to-day operations of both Wagl Last Mile Deliveries and Manchester Bike Hire. He manages a small team of cargo bike riders on daily basis.


Gabriele Schliwa
PhD researcher at UoM

Gabi is managing the Manchester Cycling Lab at The University of Manchester and uses the city as a laboratory for the study of cycling as part of her PhD. Her research explores ways for collaborative urban innovation. Passionate about liveable cities and car-independent lifestyles, Gabi discovered the bike as a fun and powerful tool to redesign the urban landscape at a human scale.


Kevin Smith
Projects Officer at Future Everything

Kevin Smith is a retired graphic designer and recovering academic, Kevin is currently Innovation Projects Officer at FutureEverything. Current projects include: developing a resource network for open data startups; a survey tool to map communities of practice; and a way for arts organisations to visualise and analyse the networks that they create and sustain.


Julian Tait
Co-Founder at The Garden

Much of my work is around the societal impact of technology having presented and written about data, Internet of Things and the Smart City. Currently I am leading work on the creation of mutual data organisations that can represent and empower individuals and organisations through their data, and developing through Open Data Manchester and international partners, a trans-national exchange programme for open data practitioners.


Rebecca Taylor
HighWire Doctoral Researcher & Founding Partner of The Curiosity Bureau

Becca will be talking about The Rooftop Project, a mass collaborative effort – the first (of what hopes to be many) initiatives that brings people in Manchester’s City Centre together in exciting ways to find, design and occupy outdoor spaces. As a design-led-activist-action-researcher my doctoral research asks: what features of experience design emerge in the co-design of social space?

If you would like to nominate yourself, an organisation or someone else to talk at our next event, we would love to hear your suggestions so please get in touch.