Making the world more sustainable by reducing people's barriers to cycling

2017 Global CycleHack Event








Annual hack event

Once a year we host a global CycleHack Event. This not for profit event brings people together from around the globe to come up with ideas that tackle the barriers to cycling and provides them with the tools and space to prototype them in under 48 hours. Working from Friday and Sunday, you pitch an idea that will make cycling easier or more accessible and build it by the end of the weekend.


Over 35 international cities involved and sharing their CycleHacks

What is a CycleHack?

A ‘CycleHack’ is an idea that can be prototyped and tested in the city that addresses a barrier to cycling.

Hacks can be physical products, digital apps, ideas for new campaigns or even influence policy and can consider local infrastructure and route maps. The process of bringing multiple disciplines and perspectives together to design new ideas brings life to innovative ideas.

Through a variety of activities, we bring together a diverse range of people with different skill sets and experiences to look at cycling in a new way.


The story so far

The Manchester community has now taken part in two CycleHack weekend events and we loved it! See what the CycleHackers have made together in just 48 hours.

CycleHack Socials

To keep things rolling, we’ve been teaming up with local organisations to run smaller, creative gatherings, which we call CycleHack Socials and they take place whenever we can do one. The Socials are a great way for us to meet new people interested in CycleHack and do mini-workshops that are focused on specific subjects. We also want to share what we’ve collaboratively learnt at these meetups so we are aiming to set up a blog section to talk about them.